Well, hello there!


Well, here goes nothing. I’m Katie Elaine- avid lover of anything pink, dark chocolate, and stilettos.

Interior design is a huge part of my life. I am not licensed as an interior designer, but I’ve been doing this since I was 6… so that’s something right? I have my Mom to thank for my love of design. I was a rambunctious child and always getting myself into trouble. So Mom would send me to my room. Which eventually turned into my favorite thing. I began rearranging my furniture, painting on big pieces of cardboard, making collages from Mom’s high fashion magazines, and most importantly reading those high fashion magazines. I read my first copy of Vogue at seven years old and knew that I wanted to be on the cover one day. Not because of what I was wearing or because I was a “star”, but because of how I was contributing to the world as a human being. Whether that ever happens is beyond my control; for right now I’m loving my life that is so filled with design.

I asked a dear friend of mine to describe my style (honestly) and I was a bit nervous to hear what she would say, but was pleasantly surprised! “Once filled with leaded coffee and cupcakes, Katie Elaine’s visions come alive. Her feminine flair imbibes each room with soothing colorful palettes, sophistication, and a touch of Hollywood Regency.”– CLH

I’m here to answer questions about design- the construction of pieces, the process of pieces being built, leather works, fabrics, whatever questions you have, I would love to help!

The most important thing for me to remember in my line of work is that it’s not all about looks, what’s underneath counts too! ❤

For inquiries: kwdesigns22@gmail.com

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