Meet Lindsay Soulsby and her dog Mulligan.12196349_2937669513924_3255376525398940227_n

After a long day at the office, Lindsay made time for a quick interview and may I just say, reminded me of a real life Elle Woods. Neon yellow sweater, maroon leather skater skirt, long blonde hair, and a big smile. I immediately thought to myself her outfit reminds me of one of her paintings. Unexpected colors put together, perfectly.

This young woman is an inspiration to yours truly. Having studied criminal law at the U of A with the goal of becoming a defense attorney, running her own non-profit organization Life of Mulligan, and working for a local law firm, I’m in absolute awe of how she has time for anything else. Keep scrolling to find out what she does in her spare time.

What inspires you?

When I was younger, I wanted to do abstract but would do more portraits. I painted people and animals the way I saw them. Abstract didn’t make sense. As I got older, I began to realize that things don’t always make sense. I began to do modern and didn’t need a reason for it to look the way it did.


What do you think caused that change in thought process?

When you’re younger you’re trying to figure out how things work. I was duplicating everything in art class. I was in a box, and not explained to how to step out of that box. To me, perfection is imperfection. I began to see that I didn’t have to paint the exact same way as someone else. Honestly, art class was a huge deterrent for me. What should be subjective and individual, well it wasn’t. Teachers didn’t have an appreciation for what I was trying to do. Diving into modern art was delayed for me, because there was a lack of growth. My teachers didn’t push me to try it, I experienced more of a “do it my way” attitude. For instance, Painting with a Twist is a great way for people to learn how to paint. It’s an art class. But there’s not a huge push for your own individuality. I can paint a fish the way that it is, but adding my own creativity to it was a struggle at first.


Fun pet portraits she did for a client!


Do you have a favorite artist?



Favorite style?

     No, however I believe that anyone who can create something- has a unique style of their own. Walking around Crystal Bridges, you see so many different pieces. Different subjects. And each of those artists did something different to make it their own. I will say, I’m not a big fan of prints. They take away the unique value of the piece because it’s been mass produced and 100+ other people have that hung up somewhere in their space too.

What are a few examples of techniques that you use?

Well for starters, in any art related class your instructor should be teaching you how to be resourceful. I am using things that I find around the house to help create a piece. I use a baking pan to create circles, a spray bottle to create “drips”- I have people reaching out to me about my drips. They’re all about consistency- if you have too much water they’re going to run to the bottom of the canvas. You’ve got to work with them. Know when to add a little more paint, and even [push] them to the point you want them to stop at. I don’t use brushes very often. I want everything to be multi-texture.




What is your favorite medium and why?

Primarily acrylic because I can make it look 3D. I don’t have to wait 10 days for the paint to dry. I’m too impatient for oil. I used oils for portraits. And really, oils aren’t as affordable as acrylics.



Do you use painting as your stress relief?

100% yes. It takes my mind off of everything.  I’ve always been a late night painter. I always have the TV on in the background on the I.D. channel (a channel all about police mysteries) . You don’t have to use your words. I actually used to study, have I.D. on, and paint. I generally take 5-8 hours to complete a painting, and then can move on to the next if I have time.



This piece is hanging in The Fulbright Building in downtown Fayetteville. It brings so much life to the space, and is a perfect fit for such a modern structure.


Do you ever work on commission?

Yes, I’ll have people email me asking if I can paint something similar to something that they’ve seen, or they’ll send me a subject that they want done and I’ll do it. I don’t charge a fortune for my pieces and that’s something that I will stick with. Art should be affordable. Art creates a “home” feel, and without it there’s an emptiness. It should be about giving back. When I can, money that I’ve made off of a piece goes directly to Life of Mulligan to help pay for shelter animal needs. Mulligan gets jealous of my  attention being directed to a painting. He’ll roll his ball into the wet paint, sniff the piece, put a paw on it, just to get my attention. I’m wanting to donate a painting to the Humane Society to help bring more awareness to their cause.




Beautiful triptych that has so much texture in person.



Detailed shot.


Didn’t I recently see a painting that your sister Madison did?

*Laughs* Yes! I sat my mom and two sisters down on Thanksgiving and gave them a quick art lesson and it was so much fun! They each put their own touch on their pieces and it was cool to see what they created. Madison had literally never painted anything in her life, and sat down and used everything that I had to make this piece. I was shocked!


Artist: Madison Soulsby. Can definitely see similarities to Lindsay, but there’s an individuality about this piece that cannot be overlooked. It’s awesome!


There’s no doubt about it, this young woman is incredibly talented. It was such a pleasure to see her works in person and to watch how excited she was just talking about painting. For anyone who is interested in a commission piece, all of Lindsay’s information will be posted below.



Just to give you an idea as to how big the canvases are that she works on! They’re as tall as she is!


Inquiry Information:


Instagram: @life_of_mulligan

Facebook: Life Of Mulligan


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